3 Tips to Reduce Corruption in Developing Countries like India


Across the globe and in India, we have one complain about one issue that is corruption. It is the major issue that many developed nations are also facing. If we consider our nation India, there are several anti-corruption laws and organisations to stop this negative activity. Every year, there is an auditing done by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India to check whether any corruption activity within PSUs (Public Sector Units) and other sectors are going on or not.

Unfortunately, since our Independence, we have seen very many corruption cases. Remember these cases cost us in lakhs and crores. Therefore, have you ever wondered about what we can do to make our nation corruption free? For that purpose we have showcased a right post and a few strategies to make it happen.

How Can You Make A Corruption Free Society?

1. Making Bureaucracies More Efficient

There are many complaints about government officials only that they are involved in corruption. It is only because of inefficient bureaucracies. If we take an example of our nation only, there are so many PSUs that are in loss. However, they provide good services and contribute a major portion to our country’s GDP. Still many of us think that they are not upto the mark.

So, the major reason behind this negativity is all because the bureaucracy part has not been streamlined. There are several studies that back this fact. If there are streamlined bureaucracies across the nation, the corruption case will become lower. Another part is there will be no issues of taking bribes or making illegal monetary favour of anyone. Thus, many developing nations worldwide are opting for computerised systems making crucial tasks simple. Also, there will be no problem of doing frauds as computer systems will monitor everything.

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2. Having elections with 100% transparency

Undoubtedly, elections after a couple of years are an event to celebrate our democracy. It is our fundamental right to vote and select our representatives. Therefore, making the right decision is very important because any kind of mistake will give you wrong representatives. While voting, you must know how corrupt your representatives are. Do not make random selections. Instead, you can ask your current representatives about the report card on their governance.

If you are satisfied with them, and all boxes of their previous manifesto are ticked, then only choose them. Or else, elect another representative in the election. Your one vote decides whether you are choosing a free and fair election process or supporting corruption. Also, many complain of illegal cash for vote scam we have registered in the past. We need to avoid such activities. Even the Central vigilance Commission makes people aware of such activities at regular intervals.

3. Enhance the Civic Education

The common citizens of a nation are not only there to cast their votes to political parties. Many voters do not know about their fundamental rights and duties. As a result, after choosing representatives they suffer because there is no one to hear their voices and raise issues. Therefore, having the proper knowledge about civic education is a must. By that we do not mean to pursue higher education in the same way.

Just have a complete knowledge about government office chores and put RTI (Right To Information) to get in-depth information about funds and others. A country is least corrupted when the civic society gets the basic literature. Therefore, many government schemes are running to educate the society which is reflected in the less corruption case. And we are sure one day our India will also become a corrupt Free State.

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